Experience / Opportunity / Mutual enrichment

We are opening the door to the world of knowledge and experience without barriers

Our activities are suitable for children with health and social handicap.


We offer:

  • regular holiday stays or weekend events
  • one-time projects focusing on experiential pedagogy
  • social and community projects to support children with health disabilities
  • leisure activities
  • work with family in the form of field work, information and consultancy services and assistance services
  • Natural Children’s Club – an alternative to pre-school education for children from 2,5 to 6 years

Our projects have been supported in recent years by institutions at the level of municipalities, regions and ministries and various foundations aimed at supporting the quality of life of disadvantaged children.

Summer camps with Človíček (The One Little)

with tradition of more than 10 years (common team experience of uncommon children groups)

  • It is a holiday activity for about 30 to 35 children from different regions, aged between 4 and 18, with a varied ecological, sports and cultural program.
  • Our base can be recreational cottages, camp sites or parishes with the possibility of own cooking and nice surroundings. We try to find new destinations in order to enable our permanent participants to discover different parts of our country.
  • The entire stay is always motivated by an exciting thematic game.
  • The participants of the camp are not only children with health disabilities (autistic spectrum disorders, mental disabilities or physical disabilities), the group also includes children from a socially disadvantaged environment, children who are poorly adaptable to collective and over-sensitive or anxious children. Most children come from unencumbered families – healthy, problem-free, that is inherently intact.
  • The heterogeneity of the group puts increased demands on camp management and program organization, which is ensured by experienced leading scholars in special pedagogy.
  • Of course, there is also a healthcare professional there.
  • The most favourite crew member is, however, always our dear lady cook.
  • Since 2015 we have been also organizing suburban camp in the natural area in the center of Brno and a summer tent camp near Lysice

Leisure activities with the aim to integrate children with disabilities

Throughout the school year we engage in activities where children with health disabilities can spend their free time together with other children. According to the interest of children, we run an art studio, a theatre club or experiential English.

Experiential projects

Educational projects

  • Projects designed to develop individual areas of the school education process based on the framework curriculum.
  • The main intent is to link the school environment with an authentic environment.
  • Project activities contribute in particular to relaxation and psychohygiene as a compensation for the mental stress resulting from school failure.
  • Partners of educational projects are mostly nursery, elementary and special schools from Brno and its surroundings.

Art studios

  • Thematic art projects aimed at free expression of children by non-traditional art techniques.
  • The studios are run by professional artists.

Social and community projects

  • We organize projects with the aim of meeting and enriching participants.
  • Every year we organize the Colourful Festival and Jesus Folk Armour – charity events.

Advisory and information service

  • We are aware of the fact that the family plays the most important role in the development of a child. The birth of a child with autism is a very demanding test for the family. Our goal is to support a family with an autistic child so that it can continue to function as a whole.
  • As part of our field service, we can come to the family and talk with the parents about how to develop a child in accordance with their wishes.
  • We also organize weekend stays for families with autistic children.

Natural Children’s Club ČLOVÍČEK (The One Little)

Activites are intended for children from 2,5 to 6 years without parental accompaniment. The basic principle is to stay outdoors in any weather, respecting the partnership approach to children and active cooperation with parents.

On our nature trips children learn mutual cooperation, uniqueness, friendship, belonging to nature and other people, responsibility and joy of all the good we do together.

Thank you for your favour 🙂